Things to do in Caorle and surroundings

Things to do in Caorle and surroundings

The hinterland of Caorle cities

Out of all the cities of the Veneto, Caorle, an original Roman settlement, is by far the most picturesque and fascinating. Here culture, art and leisure all meet in one. Following is a description of the main attractions which tourists can sightsee while staying here.


The main tourist attraction in Caorle are the wonderful long sandy beaches. These are divided between the “Ponente” side and the “Levante” one. It is over 15 km long and offers both private and free beaches. In these beaches tourists can enjoy swimming in a clean, warm sea, relax and sunbathe. It is also ideal for families as certain areas of the beach offer children’s animation and entertainment.

Cathedral Santo Stefano

Originally a Roman church, it is characterised by its refined Byzantine styled structures. On every corner, one can admire various works of art, including the “Pala d’Oro”, a golden pallet which originates from Cyprus.

Bell Tower

Standing majestically next to the Cathedral, is the famous Roman Bell Tower of Caorle. Constructed in 1070, it’s 48 metres high. The Bell Toweris by far the monument which represents Caorle and each summer it is the host of various shows and firework events.

directions_walk  12 min on foot

Scogliera Viva

A main tourist attraction is the wall of rocks along the west coast promenade of Caorle. Visitors can admire magnificent works of art which have been sculptured into these granite rocks. Each July new works of art are added by great national and international artists who carve away for three days. This is known at the “Scogliera Viva” and it’s by far one of the most popular events as one can literally see plain rocks came alive into magnificent sculptures.

directions_walk  9 min on foot

Madonna dell’Angelo

This small church is situated along the promenade and has been overlooking the Adriatic sea for centuries. Known as the fishermen’s church, it hosts their patron Virgin Mary of Caorle, the “Madonna dell’Angelo”. Full of stories and legends it is definitely worth a visit. The locals of Caorle are devoted to their “Madonna” and organise a magnificent religious event every five years to celebrate and honour her.

Historical Town Centre “Rio Terra” Where there were once canals that streamed along the centre and between the buildings, there are now small path ways “calli” that are full of life. The town centre is characterised of colourful buildings and small squares that remind visitors of the Venetian influence on this town. Along these bright narrow streets, tourists can enjoy going shopping, stopping at the various pubs and winebars and just walking along enjoying a tasty Italian icecream.

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