The coast of Caorle boasts an extension of over 15 km winding through the various hamlets of the country such as Porto Santa Margherita, Lido Altanea and Duna Verde. This long strip of beach is characterized by fine golden sand and a sea with crystal clear water with low and gradual depths.
Almost all the coast is equipped with bathing establishments that guarantee the best comfort for tourists on vacation, you can find in fact: umbrellas, sunbeds, showers, cabins, play areas for children, entertainment service, rescue service, first aid services , snack-bar, pedal boat and canoe rental.
A long beach that runs parallel to the beach is the ideal solution for lovers of running and regenerating walks at dawn or at sunset.
At certain points you can find stretches of free beach where you can bring your own umbrella or beach kit in order to enjoy a regenerating day at the beach in total autonomy.

History and details

After the period of the Second World War, in which the economy of the country based mainly on fishing suffered a serious arrest, it was thanks to the beach that Caorle managed to unlock itself, arriving at a significant tourist increase and the consequent vast monetary income. it extends for over 15 km along the Adriatic coast and offers tourists, thanks to various and equipped hotels, an unforgettable holiday, amid leisure, comfort and various and intense entertainment shows.

This metamorphosis took place around 1911 with the inauguration of the first hotel and has continued to this day, bringing about 200 hotels, many campsites, tourist villages, excellent residences and many other tourist facilities to the Veneto coast.

To complete an already magnificent work, a pleasant and very inviting sea is added which, according to many, would represent the most beautiful and welcoming sea in the whole of Veneto.

Caorle can therefore boast of an immense heritage that extends to every place and every structure in its territory and which contributes to making this place a special encounter between culture, charm and fun.

It therefore represents a precious and rare place to find, thus becoming one of the first places in the north-east to visit if you want to rediscover the subtle pleasure of art.

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