The huts of Caorle

The Caorle Lagoon

A “casón”, situated in a secure, slightly elevated place on account of the tides, serves as accommodation, residence, and a storage place for fishing nets and tools.
So many of them are still seen in the various areas around the Caorle lagoon, often isolated in order to allow the traits of the lagoon, where the fishing takes place, to be observed. But they are also grouped together as in Falconera or at the fisherman’s island, at the confluence between Palangon and Nicesolo, also known as Canalon. The first evidence proving the presence of such structures dates back to the 2nd century. Today it is still possible to visit some of these rustic habitats that maintain the structure and objects of another era. Built with two windows and an entrance door, a “cason” has a “foghèr” (hearth) in the central area and the floor is in plain brickwork and clay.
For it’s construction, easily obtainable materials in the area were used, particularly common reed for roofing.

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